Thursday, March 16, 2006

Daily Update 3-16-06

The NCAA Tourney is on and there were almost a couple upsets on day one. Tennessee was very lucky to survive today. They should easily make it to the Sweet 16 now. Duke plays tonight and they should also easily win their game. Iowa plays tomorrow and I think they are a real dark horse this year. If they can get hot they will go far.

In NFL News, I hear Seattle is pondering matching the Vikes offer for G Steve Hutchinson. They have only one problem, they have NO cap room. They just re-signed Shawn Alexander. They are broke.

Also, Daunte Culpepper has come out and apologized for his little "love boat" thing in Minnesota. Funny, if I wasn't guilty I sure as hell wouldn't apologize. Plus I wouldn't cry like a 3 year old until I got traded. Maybe Culpepper learned something from Moss after all.

Kudos to Pittsburgh for what they and their players have done. No less than 5 players agreed to pay cuts to stay with the team and allow the Steelers to sign a couple free agents to replace departed players. The biggest loss so far to me...S Chris Hope.

One last quick thing. Sammy Sosa. Yes he alienated LOTS of people in chicago. But he will go into the Hall of Fame as a Cub. Let him sign a one day contract and retire a Cub. It worked for Emmitt Smith.

Until tomorrow..Mason

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Daily Sports News and Notes

March Madness is here! Who are you gonna take in your local office pool? Well, I'm here to help. There are about 10 teams who I think really have the hops to make it all the way. Here are my top ten:

Duke: They are here every year and nearly every year they choke. This will probably happen again but you can't overlook them. They have a superstar named J.J. Redick who will be a stud in the NBA.

North Carolina: They won last year, why not again. They aren't as good as they were last year but they can get hot at anytime.

Memphis: They are a number one seed for a reason. They can score and play defense. Look out for them!

Villanova: Again a strong team through and through.

Syracuse: They can get hot and beat anyone anytime.

Gonzaga: They have the number one player in NCAA. They will be in the Elite Eight!

Best of the rest: Ohio State, Iowa, LSU

Now for todays news and notes: Of course everyone knows by now Daunte Culpepper has been traded from the Vikings to the Dolphins for...a second round draft choice?? I don't care if his leg fell off and he can't move you gotta get more then that unless you're planning a coupe in the draft. Rumors I'm hearing are the Vikings will trade their first round choice this year, their second round next year and Michael Bennett to the Saints for the #2 pick to draft Matt Leinart. That would be good for both teams I think. The Saints get two great picks plus a great back-up to Duece McAllister. The Vikings have 3 great backs now in Chester Taylor, Ciatrick Fason and Moe Williams. The Vikes resigned Nate Burleson and Koren Robinson so add Leinart and you got a core for years.
I don't know about the rest of you, but the World Baseball Classic isn't much of a classic. Does anyone even really care? I never saw one game and only 2 highlights. I don't care about anything until the Cubs take the field and I'm a little concearned about this year too. How do you stand still and make only 3 small moves? They let Nomar go which needed to be done. But the only starter they signed was Wade Miller. Now he's good if he's healthy, but when will that be? Also, it looks like Prior and Wood will both be on DL again to start the year.


For the NCAA Tourney I see Duke or Gonzaga taking the whole thing. I just think it's time for one of those teams to step up once.

For the upcoming baseball season:
AL Champ: Chicago White Sox
NL Champ: Chicago Cubs
World Champ: CUBS

I will make a post everyday for your enjoyment. I will also post if there is breaking news. So until next time...Mason